Perfect Fall Hairstyles

Perfect Fall Hairstyles

Fall is approaching and it is time for a new look. Luckily for you, Brooklyn Hair is having a fall sale as well as the items you need to create your fall style.

Here are a few hair styles that would be good for the fall:
Bob Hairstyle:
- A bob style can be very versatile even if it is short. You can create a side part or middle part, an asymmetrical or symmetrical length, and do any color. You can also use any hair texture such as loose wave, straight, body wave etc.

It is a very easy hairstyle to maintain for a person always on the go. To create a bob style all you would need is 2 bundles of 12” or 14” depending on if you want a long or short bob as well as if you are using a frontal or closure.

Straight hair with Bangs:
- What better weather to wear bangs than fall. This is a perfect style for the fall weather because you won’t get hot from the bangs being in your face all while looking stylish.

To create this look you can use 2-3 bundles depending on the length of the hair you want. If you are going longer than 16 inches then it is preferred to have 3 bundles. You can also use a 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, or frontal closure depending on how broad you want your bang to be.

We hope these suggestions were helpful when you are deciding your next hairstyle for the fall!

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