How to pluck the hairline

How to pluck the hairline

Wondering how you could get rid of the wiggy-look from your lace frontal, closure or lace front wig? Then having your lace plucked will be a great way to accomplish a more natural look. Plucking the hairline is a technique which involves using a tweezer to extract hair, which will in turn lower the density of the hair in the front section. This will in turn give the impression of a very natural hairline.
Before we get started, here are a few things you will need:

  • A tweezer
  • A rat-tail comb
  • Your lace closure/frontal/wig
  • A mannequin head
  • T-pins
  • Clips

Steps to take when plucking the hairline:

  1. Firstly, attach your lace closure/frontal/wig onto the mannequin head with the help of the T-pins. This will ensure that it does not move out of place while you are plucking.
  2. Part the lace into sections using your rat-tail comb. Do this so that you can determine how much hair you will need to takeout, in order to achieve a relatively thin hairline effect. If you feel the need, use clips to separate the hair
  3. Using your tweezer, you can now proceed to take the hair strands out. Ensure that you do not pull too much hair out of the lace all at once. Instead, focus on small sections at a time in order to achieve a more natural look.
  4. Continue until you've achieved your desired look. Then comb out the strands that have been plucked away earlier, and you're all done.

For a beginner, this technique might seem to be very time-consuming; however, the results will truly make it worth it. Customizing your top piece or wig by plucking the hairline not only takes out excess hair strands, but also ensures that no matter what part you decide on, your hairline will surely look as natural as possible!

How to pluck the hairline 

Hair Plucking Tips

  • Ensure that your closure, frontal or lace wig is securely pinned down before proceeding to the steps stated above.
  • Ensure that too much hair isn’t extracted, this will help you to avoid having bald spots.
  • Do not over pluck, this might cause your hairline to look extremely unnatural, the opposite of what you may have desired.
  • Avoid, as best as possible, not to rip the lace. This will be relatively difficult to fix.
Plucking your hairline will surely help you get rid of the wiggy looking hairline, and instead give you the most natural looking hairline you could ever ask for.
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