How to make a 5x5 lace closure look like a frontal

How to make a 5x5 lace closure look like a frontal

The key to making a 5x5 closure look like a lace frontal all comes down to the installation process and method used.

This simply means that you will have to ensure that you get your closure installed flawless and professionally in order to get the best look possible. Another important key is to ensure that the lace blends flawlessly with your skin tone.

You can either use a HD lace or a transparent lace in order to achieve this look.
Tips on making your 5x5 closure look like a frontal:
Ensure that your closure is placed in the desired position for your style. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple part in the middle or a side part, you should ensure that your 5x5 closure is placed directly in the place you desire it.

Make sure to buy HD lace or transparent lace. This will better help your style to flawlessly blend in with your skin and give the illusion of a melted hairline.

Ensure that all of your natural hair is pushed back. This will help your hairline to look very flat and realistic, and even though you only have 5” to work with, this is totally possible.

Apply make-up to the underside of your lace. This will help your lace to blend more naturally with your skin.

Optional: a great tip on making a 5x5 closure look like a frontal is to add baby hairs to your style. This will surely have you looking flawless this season!

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