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Caring for our Caribbean Deep wave 4x4 closure wigs

by Brooklyn Hair 25 May 2021

Caring for our Caribbean Deep wave 4x4 closure wigs

So, you’ve just purchased one of our new Caribbean deep wave wigs or even any other curly hair unit we have in stock, and now your concern is how to care for such a wig. Well, we have all the answers for you. Curly hair unlike its straight counterpart is relatively more difficult to care for, so now here are a few things to keep in mind.
Tricks and tips for maintaining your curly unit:
Moisturizing. Just like your own natural hair, your Caribbean deep wave wig unit will surely need moisture in order to keep the curls vibrant and fresh. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ensure that your hair is properly conditioned by using hydrating products such as a curl lotion or even some argan oil for extra moisture.

Detangling. Be sure to finger detangle your hair whenever you are combing it while it is dry. Note: Avoid the use of a brush unless the hair is wet. Also, if you plan on sewing or gluing the wig onto your head, at nights it would be ideal to braid the ends of the hair and wear a bonnet to sleep. Thank us later!

Storing. If you plan on taking any advice today, make sure it is this one. Storing your curly hair wig is a great way to ensure that your wig doesn’t get tangled nor get frizzy. Therefore, after taking your unit off at nights, be sure to put it on a mannequin head or place it back in the packaging.
If you follow these few tips, then you should have a blast with our new Caribbean deep wave wig. Try it today!

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