Brooklyn Hair New Wigs - Glueless wigs

Brooklyn Hair New Wigs - Glueless wigs

In the past few months, we have seen the demand for glueless wigs skyrocket. And so, you may be wondering why glueless wigs are such a rave now. Well, the best answer is that they are beginner friendly, ready-to-wear and are very low maintenance as they do not require any adhesive. Here at Brooklyn Hair, our glueless wigs offer customers a wide range of features such as micro-knots, pre-cut lace, and a pre-plucked hairline. We also ensure that all our units are extra secure so that they can fit many head sizes.

What sets our Glueless wigs apart from our competitors:

Beginner-friendly – Many customers have been raving about our new glueless wigs because of how secure our wigs are and how easy they are to install. That is because our glueless units are fully equipped with a stretchy and ventilated net, and an elastic band for extra security. Our wigs are very beginner friendly as they also have our new anti-slip silicone, hair clips, and our elastic band is way different from our competitors as they are both adjustable and removable to ensure that your unit fits your head just right.

Ready-to-wear design – The very best thing about our Swiss HD lace closure wigs is that they are very easy to install and can be done without the need for a hairstylist or professional. Customers have also reported that they experienced very minimal shedding and tangling. For us, that is exactly the type of wigs we aim to produce. Ones that will help you to feel the most confident and beautiful.

- Affordability – Our units are offered at a reduced price compared to our competitors. Many of which offer limited discounts on their new units, but here at Brooklyn hair we offer a wide range of discounts on a monthly and weekly basis. We are able to achieve this because we value our customers and know how important it is to have good quality products at a reasonable price. We take pride in our units as they are all made with 100% human hair that can be curled, colored and can all be styled into your desired style.

Explore the amazing glueless options that Brooklyn Hair has to offer.

5x5 Glueless wigs with our Invisible Swiss HD lace. These units are all made with our very best HD lace material which has micro knots in order to give you a very natural looking hairline. We ensure that all our wigs can be quickly installed and styled at home at your own convenience. And that’s why all our glueless units come with a pre-cut and pre-plucked hairline, so that way you can have your wig installed in less than 5 minutes.

6x6 Glueless wigs with our new tiny knots. With these units, you have even more parting space to create whatever style you desire and even smaller knots than before to give the most natural looking hairline. So that means you can do have a very realistic middle part, left-side part or even right-side part. Your options are endless as we offer textures such as straight, body wave and deep wave. We offer natural color, jet black and also ombre with many of our units available in 14-16”, 16-18” and 24-26”. (More options will be available soon.)

We would be more than happy to hear about your experience with our new wigs as well. Here is a quick Brooklyn Hair - Glueless Wig Options available glueless wig options. Happy shopping!
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