Best Curly hairstyles for the summer

Best curly hairstyles for the summer

The best style for summer is no doubt a curly hairdo, and what better way to ring in these few hot months than by going to the beach or laying pool side in the sizzling heat without having to worry about ruining your hair extensions.

So, whether you choose to get your hair long and flowy or short and wavy, just know you can never go wrong with a curly hairstyle.
Great curly hair options:

  • Deep wave and loose wave – These curls are really great if you are looking for something that is not too curly, but that will still look flawless when you get in any form of water. All you will have to do is to spray the hair with water to activate the curls, scrunch the ends, moisture the hair with either a serum or oil, and then you are all done. Also, to keep the curls lasting all throughout the day you can spray the hair with more water, then follow up with a bit of mousse to keep it from frizzing.

  • Jerry curl – For a tight curly look, this hair is by far the most ideal choice. However, to get the best look possible with this hair you will have to keep it hydrated. In order to add the proper moisture needed you should be sure to use a curling cream and a serum to keep the hair hydrated all throughout the day.

  • Wet and wavy hairstyles – by far this is the easiest hair to upkeep. All you will have to do to keep your hair looking flawless all day is to use a spray bottle with water or even some leave-in conditioner. With this kind of curly hair, you will be able to go into water (beach or pool) with no worries, and this is because with wet and wavy hair, the curls will be quickly activated whenever they get in contact with water. Also, whenever you are ready you can always flatiron the hair to get a new straight look, and vice versa whenever you are ready for a new look again.

No matter what curl pattern you choose, you will be sure to look flawless this summer. 

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