FreeTress 3X Clean Therapy In Vinegar wash Pre-Stretched Braids 52"

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FreeTress 3X Clean Therapy In Vinegar wash Pre-Stretched Braids 52" This hair offers a chemical-free, itch-free and residue-free braiding experience for women all over the world. Additionally, this hair is notably prerinsed and cleansed in a vinegar wash and is ready for use straight out of the packaging.

Pre-rinsed & Cleansed in VInegar wash! What is Clean Therapy? Clean Therapy is braiding hair that has been pre-rinsed & cleansed in a vinegar wash. Why is rinsing in vinegar wash so important? Rinsing the hair in vinegar wash will remove all kinds of residue which causes skin irritation and itchiness. 3X Clean Therapy is the first pre-stretched braiding hair in the market that has been pre-rinsed & cleansed in vinegar wash! Clean braids = healthy scalp.

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Residue-free
  • No color bleed
  • Soft texture yet perfect to braid
  • Minimal flyaways
  • 270g Product Weight Including Package 

Advantages of pre-stretched braiding hair 

  • Natural ends. This will help you to have a tapered finish at the ends of your braids instead of a blunt cut, which will in turn help your hair to look perfectly styled.
  • Saves time. Pre-stretched braiding hair aids with saving you time since it helps the hair stylist to get to work right away. This kind of hair is also relatively soft and easy to comb; therefore, you will mostly have no problems with tangling nor knotted ends.
  • Saves money. Since this kind of feathered hair will help to cut down the time spent at the salon, it will consequently help you to also save money on your salon expenses.

Notably: 3x signifies that the braiding hair pack has a lot more hair than usual. This will ensure that you have more hair to utilize and that you will have a full finish.

Similar brands include Outre pre-stretched braid 3X Babe 54” as well as Bobbi Boss Pre-feathered Just Braid 54”.

What is the easiest Braiding hair for box braids? 

With so many variations of braiding hairs on the market, the easiest hair to achieve a flawless box braid style is pre-stretched braiding hair. Notably, this kind of hair is sometimes called feathered, pre-pulled or even pre-cut braiding hair. This is because with this braiding hair the strands are stretched or feathered to create a flawless finish, especially at the ends of the braided style. This hair is ready to use and will help to get you in and out of the salon in no time.

Similar brands of box braiding hair include:

  • Sensationnel Kanekalon Xpression braiding hair.
  • African Collection Jumbo braids
  • OUTRE X-PRESSION Kanekalon Braid


Qualities to look for when shopping for box braiding hair 

One of the best braiding hair on the market is the Freetress natural texture braiding hair. This hair is the most suitable hair for braiding since it will no doubt blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Therefore, regardless of the size braids you desire (small, medium or large) or the length (short, medium, or long), this hair often makes installation relatively easy and quick. These qualities that this brand possess is really what makes it stand out in the hair world. See down below for addition qualities to look for when shopping for box braiding hair. 

Key Qualities include:

  • Natural blown-out texture. This trait ensures that the braiding hair blends really well with your natural hair. Hence, your style will look as natural as possible.
  • Flame retardant. This is an important quality that all braiding hairs should possess. This will ensure that your stylist will be able to complete your style with no issues. It is important to note that burning the ends of your braiding hair is a common tradition and it aims at ensuring that your braided style stays as long as possible without unraveling.
  • Hot water setting. Whenever you have completed the braiding aspect of your style, the last step is often to dip your hair in hot water. This is an important step because it helps to keep your braids looking tidy and fresh. Therefore, a good brand of braiding hair should no doubt have this feature.

Recommended braiding hair with these key qualities include:

  • Freetress clean therapy.
  • Freetress 301 Natural texture.

The importance of braiding 

Braiding is not just a style; it is a form of art, expression and cultural tradition.

For centuries, braiding was not only known to be a hairstyle but also as a craft that gives many people a certain connection to their ancestors. It is, therefore, a traditional hairstyle which is passed on for generations. Consequently, it is important to note that hair braiding might mean different things to different people and will vary from region to region. 

What is braiding so important to many people? 

For some individuals, braiding is a way of life and ultimately it is a part of their identity. While on the other hand, for many people braiding takes on a more subtle meaning. This simply indicates that for some people braiding is a form of expression. This form of expression is meant to include those who use braiding as a creative channel to express their style or personality and those who use braiding as an artistic display of their skills in hair styling.

Why is braiding so popular?

To truly understand the art of braiding it is always good to know that many women choose this hair style for many reasons. Its popularity is relatively easy to understand; therefore, down below we have listed a few of these reasons. 

Why is braiding chosen by so many people 

  • It is an easy style. Braiding is the perfect hairstyle for people who are looking for a hairstyle that they could easily wake up and go.
  • It matches many hair textures. With so many options on the market, chances are you will be able to find a hair texture that matches your own and you will then be able to pull off any braiding style you had in mind.
  • It is time-saving and convenient. The upkeep of any braiding style is usually very low, and this is one of the many reasons why many women choose braiding time and time again.
  • It is a great protective style. Though in modern times the importance of using braids to protect one’s hair is of utmost importance, it is also good to note that this tradition has been going on for centuries now. African-American hair texture is very delicate; therefore, what braiding provides is a way for the hair to be protected from harsh elements.
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